May 2, 2009

abstract: Raising tide

One day, Phio-chan said to me, if I'm her friend, draw for her (O_o) .

Okey okey. Draw isn't a problem
And she gave me the link to this picture --------->
wow !!! unbelieve beauty !!!
So she said : Draw for me something like that

WTF ??? @_@ She think what I am? real U.F.O ?

But after all, I still draw for her this:
Of couse , we shouldn't compare with above picture ^^"
I used Lenin Grard Water colour to paint it.
I got the inspiration from "Nostalgia" by Yanni. It's wonderful melody.
I used CS2 to edit picture. If you touch CS2, it's mean you would make something doesn't connect to original. Like that:

I call it " Lava"

And I made another pic, brighter and more colourless:

Somebody likes this version more than the main version

me too :D

and there is Phio-chan's picture gave to me as her present :


I hate lolita
I hate cute girls
I hate bunny
*mumble* I hate detail too

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