May 1, 2009

FFAC fanart: The beginning

It't the latest picture of mine
There is the fist time I draw Kadaj in dark pic and it won't be the only time ;)
seem a lot of people don't like this pic, but I still love it too much.

there is process to draw this crap pic :

line art --------------------------------------------->

I used new nib that Phio-chan send to me from Japan (ye) for Kadaj hair . It worked smoothly :">

Don't think so much about Yazoo's motor. It will be better when was coloured. ~ ( I guessed that )

I'm not good at water colour, and this pic has so much leather part to paint by pencil, so I decide to paint by Corel Painter 10.

I used oils brush to paint.

Pale skin, silver hair , but Kadaj stands in dark. *sigh*

and black leather * sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

---> It's seem too light '-'

So I added more one layer for skin and one for hair. Now his hair is totally cool dark gray, not silver ;_; But it's must be like that~

Sky is a difficult challenge for me and my PC. It has only 1Gb on RAM =_____= It's not enough for big size oils brush of Corel Painter 10 run smoothly .

And Yazoo's motor . =)) It's so funny because of my incapable talent.

But after all, they finised. Both of sky and Yazoo's motor did =-="

I (tried to ) thought that it's ok, but when I see again, it's seem so smooth ~

So I searched for texture

Thank to good person who share that texture :D, now the pic is so dark and dirty XD

Finish !!! -->

hey, listen to this song. It's muse of this pic :D

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